A service to help deal with General Anxiety Disorder


Design Opportunity & Challenge

Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) is characterized by persistent and excessive worry about a number of different things, affecting 6.8 million adults. Cognitive Behavioral Treatment (CBT) specifically targets thoughts, physical symptoms and behaviors including the over preparation, planning and avoidance that characterizes GAD. Mindfulness based approaches have also been investigated with positive outcome.

Individuals should be mindfully preparing themselves for unexpected stressors rather than coping reactively. However, individuals are not taught to develop these proactive coping skills. As a result 73% of the population regularly experiences psychological symptoms of stress, while 77% experiences physical symptoms caused by stress. Identifying cognitive distortions is the first step towards dealing with anxiety.

Bloom helps you shed your prickly anxiety and nurture your inner beauty. The bloom application will not only guide you through your daily rituals, but also inform you of negative thought patterns to look out for. With bloom, you can curate a daily ritual of activities to become aware of anxious feelings before they cause an anxiety attack.

In case you are overcome with a wave of anxiety however, the bloom ring and bloom planter can calm you with a simple breathing exercise.


Project Objectives

To apply knowledge of prototyping along with research, analysis, and synthesis, to update the Bloom service design with the objective of user-testing and validating the proposed design.



Primary Research - I + Synthesis

  • Interview (2+) individuals dealing with anxiety OR
    Interview (2+) individuals dealing with high levels of stress on a daily basis

  • Map out their current user journey to identify pain points and opportunity areas


Primary Research - II + Synthesis

  • Build a prototype of the connected device (if still relevant)

  • User test the current design to gain insight and gather feedback


Final Prototype + Testing (Week  3 + Week 4)

  • Rapid prototype changes and update designs for second user-testing

  • Synthesize findings for final design validation



Medium fidelity interactive prototype of the mental health service

  1. Mobile app

  2. Connected device - Planter

  3. Connected device - Wearable



Project Space

Provisional Persona

Provisional Persona

Key Uses - What Judy can do with Bloom, that she cannot do without.

Key Uses - What Judy can do with Bloom, that she cannot do without.


A look into what the outcome of the project might look like.