My Design Process

When someone says ‘Design Thinking’, the following image comes to mind for individuals familiar with the concept.



Over the past 4 years, however, I have learned that this mode of thinking is not as simple as the image depicted here. ‘Design Thinking’ to me is a semi-structured methodology. The framework in this image though, is exactly that, just a framework. The field of design is ever evolving and adapting to the needs of the moment, which is the beauty of being a design thinker and design doer. You can make this framework your own.  In my experience, every project requires a modification of this process guideline.

I have unknowingly been developing a process of my own. Here is what it looks like for now:

Chai's Design Process

As an Interaction Designer, I find Empathy, Humane Centered Design principles and a Designing-with philosophy fundamental throughout this design process.